CardgoGOLD Synergy Formula
Our new Synergy formula is designed to be taken with statin drugs.  It is designed to help protect you against the side effects of statins, to boost cholesterol reduction, and to address the other nutritionally modifiable risk factors.

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Risks of Cardiovascular Disease

You have a lot to live for…so don’t risk missing the most important things in life.  Heart Disease is the number one killer in America, far surpassing all forms of cancer with over 900,000 deaths per year compared with .  At age forty 3 in 5 men and 2 in 4 women are at risk (lifetime risk) of developing cardiovascular disease.  The best solution is prevention – a program of healthy diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplements may improve your health and add years to your life.  CardioGOLD formulas addresses all four of the nutritionally modifiable risk factors as discussed by world renowned cardiologist Dr. Martin Milner, N.D. in his TV interview:

  1. High cholesterol
  2. Inflammation
  3. Blood clotting factors
  4. High homocysteine

CardioGOLD (original formula)

All four risk factors are addressed in one convenient product.   And, no other product has its patented ingredient, pharmaceutical grade naringin, that has been shown to reduce the accumulation of fatty deposits on artery walls. 
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Side Benefits of CardioGOLD

The phytosterols in CardioGOLD are 40% beta-sitosterol, an ingredient found to have significant prostate health benefits and the key ingredient in products being promoted on TV (in the US at least) for providing relief for male urinary problems. Also, the naringin in CardioGOLD has been shown to significantly and rapidly improve liver health as measured by blood tests for liver enzyme levels.  In Korea naringin products are marketed for protecting the body against the damaging effects of alcohol.  For more information click here.

Heart Health

The first symptom in over 57% of heart disease cases is a heart attack.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Products that control cholesterol are only addressing one of the four major nutritionally modifiable risk factors, and emerging research indicates that cholesterol may not even be the largest risk factor.  CardioGOLD has the complete four-factor protective formulas that addresses all four of the major nutritionally modifiable risk factors.   Start protecting your health today with this natural, cutting edge product.  To order click here.

Arista Nutraceuticals, Inc.

Arista Nutraceuticals, Inc. develops and markets advanced nutritional supplements to help you live a long, healthy, vital life.  Our premier product line is CardioGOLD®.

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